“Yes I do.  I wish he had never won the first time.  I believe he knew about everything and kept it until after his run off election.”

Leo Swan

“Yes I support the recall effort because I believe he is the mayor, and he had to know what was going on at that time.  He didn’t move quick enough for the people, and since he didn’t do right by the people, he should step down, and since he won’t resign, he should be recalled.”

Ms. Alexis  

“I don’t know all the facts, but I think a recall election would be good since the Mayor won’t step down willingly.  I believe he knows about everything that happens in the city and he knew about the police killing that boy and them paying his family to keep quiet.”

Karen K.

“I really don’t care one way or the other because replacing him with someone else might be worst then he is.  I think it is probably a waste of time.”


“I been wanting him gone since he got elected.  Closing all those schools and letting the police kill all those black men.  He needs to be gone now.”


“I don’t want him coming back in on a recall because if you were mayor, and you didn’t do things right, you should be gone.  The mayor let the police officer jeopardize his mayor status,  when he  should  have cracked down and stopped it.  He should be gone.”