Bill Glass: “I think they should replace the feeding tube, and no, I don’t think Congress should get involved. Life and death is something God needs to handle and to me they are not letting him handle it. Right now I think really it is homicide. They’re murdering her. They are starving her to death”so they should replace it. The husband didn’t bring her into this world. The parents are still living, and that’s who should make the decision. Being the husband, he should respect her enough to let her parents make that decision. Whatever he and she talked about, that is gone. You can’t ever ask a parent to give up their child’s life.”

Chris Taylor: “I feel the government is always sticking their nose into something they don’t have no business doing. It’s a private issue, it’s a personal issue. Regardless of the situation, it’s up to the loved ones or the family, even though from what I’m hearing the husband wants to do it. After 15 years, how are you going to tell somebody she doesn’t want it to happen? She seems to be making some noise now, so why not put the feeding tube back in and let her live.”

Kathy Cotton: “I think for the 15 years she has been monitored, somehow I think it would be inappropriate not to insert the feeding tube. I don’t think the government should get involved. That is a personal decision to make. And you have to honor her husband’s wishes.”

Mattie Robinson: “I don’t think they should put it back in. If that’s what the husband wants, that is what they should do. I think Congress should have left this alone because this is personal and a family matter.”

Maran Butler: “I think they should keep the feeding tube in her. The reason I’m saying this is because I think God will have to be the judge. I think if you leave it in there, and if it’s her time to go, she’ll be able to go, and she will go peacefully. We should not make the decision for her. Let God make the decision”he is the creator, he’s the giver of life and death. Therefore, they should keep it in there because we never know what this may bring about. It could be a miracle, so if we take it out, then we’re playing God. I don’t think Congress has anything to do with this. This is between God and the family and that’s my opinion.”

Leon Halsey: “Only if they can get the job done by putting the tube in, otherwise no. As for Congress getting involved, if it means getting the tube in, yes, otherwise no. It is a private matter, and I’m against Congress getting involved in it, but only if it means the tube gets inserted, then yes.”

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