Cy Peiser: “I think it would be a wonderful thing. Unfortunately, my feeling is they are not ready, and I’m very sad about that. I hope we could start with at least a Latin American Pope at this particular time, which would be a start. That is the greatest growth [in the Church]. The second greatest growth is in Africa which would be wonderful if they did. I would be surprised and delighted.”

Lindsay Woge: “I hope that there is a great chance that could happen. I think that it would be a wonderful thing for the church and for the world. For a black Pope to be elected or a Latino or a Pope from the Third World. I think that it’s time for that to happen. The probability of that happening, unfortunately, I kind of think it might be slim.”

Rebecca Rossof: “I think it would be wonderful if they elected a black Pope. I think there is very little chance of that happening, unfortunately. But I think it would be a wonderful thing not only for the church but also the world.”

Ewa Kokosza & Marcin Wegiera: (Marcin) “I think it’s great whatever the Cardinals elect. It’s a possibility. It doesn’t matter, I think, if he’s going to be a good Pope like everybody else.”

(Ewa) “I think the next Pope should be from outside the U.S., especially from outside Italy. It was too long for Italy, and the church is so large worldwide, and it should be open for every continent. Italians would still be in the Vatican because there are so many cardinals, so many priests and bishops [who] work in Rome. There should be a balance of power, and it should be someone outside.”

(Note: Ewa and Marcin are both from Poland. Ewa has been in Chicago one year, Marcin for 5 years.)

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