Henrietta Johnson: “I think that she should be prosecuted, but not to the fullest extent of the law. This is a young person, and her motive was to get out of that school and transfer somewhere else. But she went by the wrong method in doing so, and it cost money, it caused anxiety. She had people who were afraid. They had to be moved. Think of what this is doing to her parents also. It’s not so much her, but her parents. She needs to learn from this and maybe do community work, but not anything real severe.

 Donte Hawkins: “She probably shouldn’t be prosecuted. She should pay the fine, apologize. Her parents I’m sure are embarrassed. Maybe they need family counseling.”

 Lila Johnson: “Well, I think that she probably needs to get some type of treatment or something because apparently there is something wrong with her for her to write the letters just because she didn’t want to attend that school and live up to her parents’ expectations. So I think this is why she did this. Counseling appears to be needed.”

Cynthia Mathis: “I don’t think the young lady should be prosecuted. I’m saying she is of age to know exactly what she did at the time, writing the threatening notes. But there is something maybe mentally disturbing the young lady. They need to check into this. She’s a freshman in college. Maybe she was put into this school forcefully by her parents. Sometimes you have to look at a situation and not always think jail. I do think maybe she should pay some type of restitution?”but jail or incarceration? No. Sometimes you can incarcerate a person and they end up mingling or socializing with individuals that will corrupt them, not correct them.”