Stephanie L. Brown, M.D.: “I’d like to see the NAACP actually address the uninsured persons not having health insurance, because a large percentage of low social economic status persons do not have insurance and it doesn’t seem like the government or the medical profession are trying to do anything about it, so I think the NAACP should definitely address that issue.”

Mary Russell Gardner: “I’m going to focus locally, and I think our education system is still broken and in dire need of fixing. But we also need an organization that will hold the system accountable to truly educate and fight for funding, so that there is equal funding in the public school system because the integrity and the confidence of the public school system’s ability to educate us is at an all-time low. As well as jobs for our young adults is severely needed as well.”

Brenetta Howell Barrett: “A cross-section of prevention issues that relates to youth and young adults, particularly regarding education. I’m one of those people who refuses to [identify] people who are released from incarceration as ex-offenders, generally, because we know now that there are a lot of people who are in prison who have never offended anything or anybody. So, I would like to see justice issues pursued for ex-inmates, or ex-prisoners.

“But I’m very interested in the prevention side. I would like to see a network of ‘freedom schools,’ and we don’t have to wait for a new civil rights movement to open. We can have them incorporated with block clubs. We could set up a freedom school?”at least one in every Ward where black children and youth are. I think there are a lot of people who are just waiting to be asked to volunteer for something?”people with skills, retired people who would be able to speak to some of their experiences.”

Gene A. Dockett: “My concern is on local issues. There are many issues, but I’ll be polite and list the first five that come to mind: job discrimination, civil rights abuse, loans and access to capital, housing and health care. I think the local branches should establish a monitoring system to identify who’s employed in these small and large contracts. This information should be published and include the specific percentage that black America is sharing in the contracts. I know that locally, black America is disenfranchised from adequate paying jobs and most notable is the construction industry. I think this is a very important challenge for NAACP. I would suggest they take a proactive role and change from the traditional diplomacy.

“My suggestion for civil rights abuse would include increasing its legal assistance pool and be available 24-7. They should set up schools especially in urban areas to teach general classes in law that deals with civil rights?”a system of networks that deals with all activities related to NAACP affairs. When there are complaints, the system will have in place the sources that will deal effectively with the complaints.

“Lastly, I think they should establish a more effective way to fund their projects. I do feel that there is an urgency before us now if racism and unequal justice isn’t checked. These are some challenges for NAACP, and I think this Westside chapter will lead!”

Karen Altergott: “I would like to see more affordable housing, quality daycare, better jobs, better paying jobs, especially for women. Also more affordable health care and better insurance.”