Gino Steward: I believe there is a possibility that he will be, because it’s been a long time waiting that he’s been surrounded by all these scandals in City Hall. So I do think he should be. I strongly, think however, he won’t be indicted, but he should be.

Bobby Hunter: I think he’s innocent, because the people he has chosen are the ones that are responsible for what is going on. The people at the top are not always being honest with you. So they have kept whatever they are doing to themselves and even though Mayor Daley is the leader, they kept it from him. And I feel if he had known, he would have done something about it before the newspaper got it.

Tamara Powell: I think with it being systematically in his favor?”race prejudice plus power equal racism?”so the systems-that-be will make sure he would not get indicted, especially with the history of his family.

The fact that they have just highlighted this 50th anniversary of his father being the mayor and how he has been empowered, how they overlooked what Mayor Washington had done and also how he downplayed what the projects was about, and how he wasn’t the one actually involved in those housing projects, when he actually was. So everything that is going on is because of the system and how its been set up and how it will be perpetuated throughout the city.

Dan Ballard: I don’t believe he’ll be indicted. He is too savvy and will protect himself with the right people around him, and someone will take the fall versus him. It’s unfortunate the scandals that are going on in the city, and maybe its time for Chicago to make a change.

Robert Williams: I hope he does. It’s time for a change. There is corruption from top to bottom in city government, and somebody needs to make a change. You know what I say about that? “Run, Jesse, run.” I’m talking about Congressman Jesse Jackson, Jr.

Joanne Powell: I say no, because he owns the city. I think he can get away with just about anything. The aldermen should be saying something about the scandals also.