Harry D. Reese (Aide to U.S. Rep. Danny Davis) “There is a process in place so that schools can approve the performance of teachers and principals. If this process is followed the way the people who started it then the LSC should be able to get the job done. As for principals’ authority to fire, there again the process should dictate the proper procedures. If the teachers’ union that was defeated would leave the new union leadership alone and let them do the things that they deed necessary to improve the system and the position of the principals, as far as firing at will. If that process is left alone then we can see what the new administration teachers’ union can do to improve the situation. Obviously before now the process was not what it should be.”

Grant Newburger “I think if the Local School Councils are very representative of the community then it’s not just a good idea, but a crucial idea for them to have the authority to determine who the principal is. I think that it’s part of the destruction of the city schools that they are taking this authority away from them. As for principals having the authority to fire teachers”it depends on whether or not”if the Local School Council is hiring and firing the principals and they are really representing the community then the principal should be representing the Local School Council, in which case it would be a good idea, it would make some sense for them to have that authority. But I do think it should be reviewed by the Local School Council, particularly because personal things develop in a close community like a school. You might have a good teacher who for whatever reason might have a personality conflict with the principal. It should be resolved because there’s going to be tension in the school, but the others bank on the Local School Council rule representing that community though, so that’s the starting point.”

Rev. Marshall Hatch (Pastor New Mt. Pilgrim Baptist Church-4301 W. Washington) “I think that the selection of the principals should be not just the LSC”I think with a confirmation by the LSC. But certainly I think the professional educators, the board of education should also have a part in the selection process, so that they make sure that the principals have certain academic qualifications. As for principals firing, I don’t think the principals should exclusively have the authority to fire teachers, I think only with due process”the teacher should have rights just like in their agreement that they made with the board of education. And just before tenure a principal could be vindictive as well, so I think that they should have due process and not be simply fired by the acting principal.”

Rev. Willie Evans (Pastor-Greater St. Luke- 2439 W. Warren) “I don’t think it’s a good idea for principals to have their power and authority to single people out and fire them because they have their own personal agenda. I think it’s unfair and I think it’s time for the people in this city to do something about it. I don’t think you should single anybody out, call them on the phone and tell them their job is terminated. I don’t think they should have that kind of authority.”