If you don’t know by now, you better ask somebody! “The Biggest Winner” challenge is going on right now to help individuals lose weight and “Take Charge of Your Health!” The challenge awards cash, gifts and prizes to teams that participate in “The Biggest Winner” contest, and lose weight, eat great, and live overall healthier lifestyles. Current members of “The Biggest Winner” challenge have noted improvements in eating habits, notable weight loss, an overall increase in energy, and feeling better. Points are given based on participation in weekly nutrition education and fitness classes as well as monthly challenges that include:

? Creating a healthy recipe using herbs and spices in place of salt;

? Attending the City of Chicago’s Howe Elementary School Clean and Green; and

? Participation in the 2005 Chicago Food Depository Hunger Walk.

“The Biggest Winner” challenge is sponsored by the Westside Health Authority’s Healthy Lifestyles program and the Chicago Partnership for Health Promotion (a project of the United States Department of Agriculture and the University of Illinois at Chicago). Registration for the next “Biggest Winner” challenge is starting now! For more information, contact Healthy Lifestyles at 773/378-5034, ext. 11. Don’t miss out on your chance to “Eat Great and Lose Weight!”

Sophia Shelton Wright