Rosalind Morgan, wife of 25-gunshot victim Howard Morgan, has a dream that one day, right here in Illinois, with its police system dripping the words “interposition and nullification,” she will be able to join hands with blacks and whites and say, “Howard Morgan is free at last, free at last, thank God almighty he’s free at last.”

Until that time arrives, Mrs. Morgan, her family and supporters continue to keep her husband’s plight on the public’s mind. On June 17, a fourth rally was held at the Church of The Living God, 1738 W. Marquette Rd. to draw attention to the strange case of Mr. Morgan, a former Chicago police officer who was shot 25 times by four white Chicago Dist. 10 police officers at 19th & Lawndale on Feb. 21. He was accused of going the wrong way on a one-way street.

Morgan is still alive and shackled to his bed, charged with four counts of first-degree attempted murder and three counts of aggravated battery. Bail has been set at $2 million and his attorney, retired judge Leo Holt, is requesting a bail reduction because his client is not a flight risk. Mr. Morgan is currently a detective for Burlington Northern Railroad.

Mistress of Ceremonies was Evangelist Sheila Sims and prayer was offered by Mrs. Morgan’s father, Bishop M. L. Crawford. The Church of the Living God pastor is Bishop Connie Crawford Bansa.

Pat Hill, African American Police League, told the audience that the arrest of the Austin 7 and Englewood police officers is all relevant to the Howard Morgan case. “Criminalizing of black officers is relevant to all us and when are we going to wake up?” she stated.

Minister Caleb Muhammed, leader of the Westside Mosque, remarked, “I think about Morgan being shackled to the bed. I think about him being shot 25 times. But I thank God he survived 25 shots when so many of our brothers and sisters get killed with one shot. God spared this man’s life, a family man, a father. There is so much that goes on around us every day. We really don’t say anything about it. We watch things go on and talk about it among ourselves, but we don’t get together to make a positive change in our community. God is trying to say something. God is telling us now it is time to unite and come together. … I’m not going to change the condition of you, except first change the condition of yourself.”

Special guest official Minister Amin Muhammed of the Nation of Islam from New York said, “I’m a cop kid. My sister is a cop in New York City. If you’re a ‘Negro’ police officer, you have a place in the police force throughout America, there is a place for you in the Chicago Police Deptartment. But if you are a “black” police officer, if you’re a black law enforcement officer, someone who knows him or herself and who loves him or herself, that might be a problem.”

When Mrs. Morgan spoke, she informed the audience that she had a received a letter from Rev. Paul Jakes indicating that The Christian Council on Urban Affairs certified in court their support, but Rev. Jakes will discontinue his involvement in the case. Mrs. Morgan wanted everyone to be clear of the changes and said she has often felt alone, but asked that everyone continue to support her husband and her family. Another court date was set for today at 27th & California. Information regarding this case is ongoing. If you would like to help the Howard Morgan Defense Fund for Justice, send donations to The Pullman Bank, 815 West 63rd St., Chicago 60621 or call 773/716-9504 for more information.