With today’s edition, Austin Weekly News debuts its most complete redesign since Wednesday Journal Inc. began publishing the paper a decade ago. Some of the changes are as notable as the new flag atop page one. Others are much more subtle, including use of a new and more legible body text called Nimrod. Taken together, though, each change is aimed at making the Austin Weekly News cleaner, more readable, and better organized.

The redesign is the work of Phillip Ritzenberg, a New York-based newspaper designer. Ritzenberg, design editor for many years at the New York Daily News, has previously designed or redesigned two other Wednesday Journal, Inc. publications, Chicago Journal and Chicago Parent.

In addition to the new look of the Austin Weekly, a new design debuts today at the Forest Park Review, Riverside-Brookfield Landmark and Wednesday Journal in Oak Park and River Forest.

The redesign was executed by Editorial Design Manager Rebecca Lomax and her colleagues Mark Tatara and Katie Reinecke.