Madigan ‘played’ the West Side in order to get elected
I find it ironic that after two years, Lisa Madigan finally shows what she is about. She happily stood up with blacks during her election and now she shows the true meaning of Chicago politics. This should show the people on the West Side that they got “played” and to really look at who you support next time.

Leonard Hamilton

Harriet Tubman was indeed a woman to reckon with
Thank you, Sandra A. Johnson, for your discussion of Sojourner Truth and Harriet Tubman [Truth and Tubman: Women who fought against slavery, Austin Weekly News, July 14].

I can recommend that every American read Harriet Tubman: The Road to Freedom by Catherine Clinton. Ms. Tubman was one of the most courageous human beings who ever lived, often traveling south by train, packing a pistol, to “kidnap” slaves and bring them north. She was never suspected, even though federal agents patrolled the trains looking for “Moses” because of her slight stature, ragged appearance, and habit of falling asleep without warning, a legacy of receiving a blow to the head while a slave. In retirement, she built and ran a retirement home for indigent ex-slaves in upstate New York until her death.

Next time we sigh and say, “Well, you can’t fight City Hall,” let’s just imagine Harriet Tubman glaring disapprovingly down at us from her heavenly home, and think again.

Paula Brkich

McCain was a transporter of history at Juneteenth event
I take this opportunity to thank you for allowing your reporter, Delores McCain, to cover our annual Juneteenth event. McCain went beyond expectations when she also voluntarily brought Mr. Junius Gaten, a 105-year-old resident of Chicago, to our press conference. Having Mr. Gaten present at that event was an historical event and one I am sure Robeson High School students and officials will never forget.

McCain served in several roles that day: reporter, photographer, and the transporter of American history. Thank you again for your cooperation and for allowing Delores McCain to cover our press conference.

Chinta Strausberg
Senior policy advisor and director, Constituent Services for Pat Quinn, Lt. Governor