William Jordan:

“I’m concerned that gentrification will push Austin residents out of Austin because people are coming in buying up the property and pushing everybody out. People from the suburbs are coming in buying up the property and pushing Austin residents out and trying to move them to the suburbs.”

Pernell Stampley:

“Gentrification?”I believe it may be a concern and it may not. If it pushes certain people out, that’s a bad part, but at the same time there’s need to push for the area also. For the area to come up, lots of facelifts are needed. So it’s a yes and a no question for me.”

Bernice J. Gray:

“Yes, I am concerned that gentrification will push residents out of the Austin area. The citizens of this area need to have more resources put back into the community especially in the area of finances, housing and discrimination. They need to understand what their rights are, they need to understand how to keep their property and to understand what is required in building their community, so they can consistently stay here. We have 30-year residents who have been pushed out for back taxes. There should be something that we should be able to do as a community and community organizations to help us stay here and to help our grandchildren maintain the lifestyles that we have known Austin to be.”

Jacqueline Hester:

“Yes, I’m concerned about gentrification. We need to come together as a people, as a black people and start supporting each other. That way other people cannot come in and build their businesses upon us, and we give them our money, which we could be giving back to each other. We need to be more educated in business, finances, housing, all of the above. When we work together, people cannot come in and move us out. We can build up our own community.”

Patty Sue Ringo:

“I think things like the entrepreneur seminars help to empower us as African Americans to stay in the community, and therefore we don’t have to be afraid to open businesses and things like that. [We] won’t have to worry about no one else coming in, taking over our businesses. If we are empowered to open businesses and to get the financial support that we need to stay here, gentrification will become a asset.”

Sabrina Guzman:

“I’m pretty much concerned about the Austin area. I feel that the blacks should own their own property here in Austin. And I feel that we should have more businesses here in the Austin area also. This is why I attended the business seminar today to get information on opening my own business and buying property in the Austin community. When people own their homes and businesses, everyone benefits and the community will reflect this pride.