For the past three years now, Austin Weekly News has covered the wonderful efforts of the Austin Green Team, made up of people who are making a difference by beautifying and restoring gardens on the West Side.

This was the fifth year for the Green Team’s annual garden walk and tour. The tours always begin first with prayer and end with lunch for members and their guest. This year there was a performance by Mr. Bugle and his Drummer Team, and the Unity Garden youth recital and skit. Retired Austin Librarian Donna Kanapes served as this year’s host. Donna’s backyard on Midway Place in Austin is like something out of Homes and Gardens magazine. Her combination deck and gazebo overlooks beautifully landscaped flowers and decorative bricks.

This year many of the Green Team’s friends from Oak Park took the tour. Mary Ellen Lesniak is a Oak Parker involved in helping people obtain their GED in the Austin area. Although this was Mary’s first tour she really enjoyed it and looks forward to next year

Tour locations this year were as follows:

•  5709 W. Midway Park

•  168 N. Laramie – Peace in the Valley Garden

•  Memorial Garden – Washington & Laramie

•  4337 W. Wilcox – Tinika Burton Memorial Garden

•  Lamon & Maypole – Meeks Garden

•  185 N. LaVergne – the Patio Garden

•  321 N. Lamon – George Lawson Garden

•  5102 W. Fulton – Unity Garden

•  5118 W. Fulton – Fulton Gardens

•  5120 W. Fulton

•  5124 W. Fulton

•  5024 W. Fulton

•  656 & 658 Latrobe – Paradise & Austin Sculpture Garden

•  5800 W. Division – Vision on Menard Garden

• 1249 N. Mayfield – Cora’s Backyard Garden

President Mary Peery and Vice President George Lawson wanted to thank all their members and everyone who participated in this tour.