Lafollette Park, Laramie & Potomac

Billie J. Anderson
“Yes I knew about the utilities, and I’ve applied for it already. My neighbors also know about financial assistance. I applied at Healing Temple Church, 4941 W. Chicago Avenue. My alderman, Emma Mitts, helped me also, and I appreciate getting the information and assistance.”

Pearlina Johnson
“Yes I know about the assistance and my bill is up quite a bit because of the warm weather. I applied also at Healing Temple because it is a big strain on our household budgets trying to pay high utility bills and to put food on the table.”

Aretha Boatman
“Yes my bill has gone up and not only is it electric, but come winter, we have the same problem with high heating costs. We need assistance all year round with utilities.”

Deloris McGregor
“Yes my bill has gone up, and I’m not aware of any place I can go for assistance. Now that I know my alderman can help, I will be calling Ald. Mitts on Monday.”

Deborah Harmon Mathis
“Yes my bill has gone up, and no, I did not know about the assistance. I guess our alderman and community leaders need to let us know what help is available.”