Rev. Meeks was only a victim in his own mind
I am amazed that you can still call the stop of Rev. Meeks’ car a case of racial profiling. I am not saying that racial profiling is not a problem and shouldn’t be worked on to eliminate, but this incident is not an example of racial profiling except in Rev. Meeks’ mind. This is the issue he has touted all over the airwaves and newspapers, and yet when given the opportunity to press charges against the officer, this was not one of the charges. So his racial profiling charges are only for public consumption. What a farce!

And if and when the officer is exonerated, will you publicly decry Rev. Meeks for publicly raising false accusations and convicting the officer in the press? I doubt it.
Pat Lupori


Charter schools like KIPP are the right way to go
My son and my daughter attend KIPP Ascend Charter School, which started on Aug. 8. KIPP Ascend has done an outstanding job of meeting my child’s needs, and we are very excited to kick-off the new school year.

I am glad I had the option to choose a charter school because I want to send my children to a Chicago public school and charters are public schools. KIPP Ascend Charter is right for my kids because of the discipline, dedication, and skills they bring to each child. As a parent, I look for people who are going to really care about my kids, and I’ve found it at KIPP. The small class sizes at the school allow my children’s teachers to really get to know them and understand what their educational needs are.

Charter schools are able to do things like open school in August, have smaller class sizes and have longer days or years because they have freedom from district rules. This has been great for my family because we know a lot about what’s going on at the school and get a lot of feedback from teachers and the principal about how our kids are doing. In exchange for their freedom, charters are accountable to Chicago Public Schools (CPS) for the way their school runs and how well the students perform. Charters all have independent boards that also govern the school.

All this adds up to a public school option that is the right fit for our family. I know KIPP cares about my kids because they put in more than they have to in order to ensure each child’s success. I really feel a part of the school’s community. I know how important it is to find the right school and am grateful that there are options in Chicago’s public schools so that we all have the same chance to find the right place. For us, it’s a charter school.

I want to thank Mayor Daley and CPS personally for including charters schools in this city’s school system. My children were more than ready to begin their new school year just to see what exciting challenges were waiting for them beyond the doors of knowledge.
Arletta E. Lock


Delores McCain is a real community treasure
On behalf of Afri-Ware Inc., I would like to send a special thank you to warrior reporter Delores McCain for her comprehensive coverage of events all around town. She tirelessly and strategically reports pertinent news not covered elsewhere. Her flexibility and creativity is also appreciated as she polls the people directly to get up-to-the-minute reactions to news items. There is no event too large or small that she will not seek out to get more information on. Her energy, enthusiasm and professionalism are contagious and make it a pleasure to work with her. The great care and kindness that is also a part of her core is highly valued and makes her a community treasure. We are truly thankful for her spirit and heart-felt connections with the community.

Nzingha Nommo
president, Afri-Ware Inc.