Katrina victims are survivors – not “refugees”
I am writing to express my EXTREME disappointment and outrage at your Sept. 8, article “Austin shelters Katrina evacuees”. Not once, but twice, you referred to the survivors as “refugees”. The survivors of this catastrophic disaster are all Americans, born and raised in this country. They work, pay taxes, and support this nation as any other citizen would. How dare you refer to them as refugees. They are not. We are in the midst of a crisis in our nation. The U.S. government failed to respond and come to the aid of these U.S. citizens more than likely because of the race and economic status of the survivors. To act as if these survivors are anything less than U.S. citizens is unconscionable.

As someone who values the importance of words and how they impact people and situations, I thought it important to provide you a few definitions of the word “refugee” so that in the future you can avoid appearing so ignorant.

The Immigration and Nationality Act defines “refugee” in Sec.101(a)(42)a.

Ebony Scott

Thanks for helping us open our doors
Ford Desired Real Estate, Inc’s., team of professionals, would like to express our gratitude for your attendance at the Grand Opening of our new Corporate Office, on Saturday, Aug. 27, 2005. More than 500 people attended this event and toured our new state-of-the-art facility. Our annual Back-to-School Health Fair was also a great success, thanks to Dr. Thomas Huggett and the Circle Family Care staff. They provided health screenings for adults as well as lead screenings for children:

Once again, we would like to thank, our local elected officials, our business sponsors; Shore Bank, Allstate, Loan Depot, State Farm, Investment Mortgage Group, Touch by Angel Daycare and the entire Austin community for their support.

We look forward to working with you on your future real estate needs and referrals are always welcomed.

For more information, call 773/379-4663.

La Shawn K. Ford

‘Vanishing Black Male’ column speaks the truth
Your article [The Vanishing Black Male is Losing the ‘Race’ -8-11-05] was right on the money. The black male has been covertly programmed by the ‘out-of-sight’ manipulators of the national public school system and ‘other agencies’ who specialize in mind control techniques such as Rap Videos and violent Video games. These media instruct them to behave in unnatural and unproductive ways. They have not been taught how to ignore this nonsense and focus on the Power Within.
C. Abdul Hameed