11th District police took down a Gangster Disciple drug operation Thursday, Sept. 15. The operation near Gladys and Kilbourn sold heroin. The street-corner drug conspiracy investigation, code named “Convict Chiclid,” began in June, following an analysis of 911 calls for service area 4, which borders Austin’s 15th District to the east. That analysis revealed a large number of narcotics-related calls and arrests near Gladys and Kilbourn, prompting police to take a closer look at street activity there.

In custody on Criminal Drug Conspiracy charges are Gregory Boyle, 34, and Contrell Johnson, 17. Boyle is being held in Cook County Jail in lieu of $125,000 bond, Johnson on $95,000 bond. Three others are being sought on warrants for CDC, including Keith Longstreet, 21, Wilfred Decatur, 41, and Saborris Green, 67.

14 others were charged with delivery of a controlled substance, and two with theft.



In custody or sought

Other individuals in custody for Delivery of a Controlled Substance:

Theresa Glover, 22

James Herndon, 50

Otis Lacey, 44

Willie J. Lagrone, 26

DuShaun Lowery, 22

L.C. Rankin, 24

Marcus Scott, 22

Individuals sought on warrants for Delivery of a Controlled Substance:

Willie Blair, 18

Timmy Burton, 37

Vernon Crosswell, 25

Brandon Foster, 23

Ronald Higgins, 46

Opter Johnson, 19

Jason Larry, 28