? 1901: First Black delegate to United Nations Edith Sampson was born.

?  1902: Noted poet, Arna W Bontemps was born.

?  1914: Garrett Augustus Morgan (right) patents the gas mask. A self-trained sewing machine mechanic, Morgan’s 1914 invention was used in World War I. Morgan also revolutionized traffic control with his invention of the three-way traffic signal, which he patented in 1923.

?  1919: Race riot, Elaine, Phillips County, Arkansas. Five whites and twenty-five to fifty Blacks reported killed. Seventy-six Blacks were reported lynched.

?  1924: Nightclub comedian and actor Nipsey Russell born in Buffalo, NY. Russell died of Cancer on Oct. 2. He was 80.

?  1926: First Black naval aviator, Jesse Leroy Brown was born.

?  1970: Angela Davis arrested in New York City and charged with unlawful flight to avoid persecution for her alleged role in California courthouse shoot-out.

?  1980: Unprovoked slayings of six Blacks in Buffalo, New York, triggered demands for national investigation.

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