Mary Ellen Lesniak
“Yes I am definitely against smoking in bars and restaurants. I’m very much in favor of having a smoking ban, and I think the health of our children and the amount of asthma that is happening today is so prevalent we have to do something to start to alleviate what we’re doing to our children.”

Willie Ferba
“I agree with the ban on smoking because when I go to restaurants, really there is no such thing as a smoking area. Smoke travels all over the place. I’ll be glad when the ban comes through. I used to be a smoker, I have nothing against smokers, but I just have something against [it] where you’re eating.”

Vivian J. Reed
“I’m very proud of Ald. Ed Smith for putting it through and continuing his push for it and not letting the ball drop along the line. But one thing that really got to me more than anything else?”on the newscast, very rarely was it stated that it was a Smith bill. Everybody else was up there but Ald. Smith. Rarely did you see him up front even though it was his bill. They interviewed everybody else in the world but Ald. Smith. So right on Ald. Smith for doing what you needed to do.”

George Lawson
(Green Team vice pres.)
“No, I don’t agree with it. Well, I’m a smoker?”I smoke cigars, I enjoy cigars. I think there are a lot of other things they could ban other than picking on the cigar because they never found nothing wrong with the cigar. That is why they start hollering ‘second-hand smoke.’ There is no addictives added to the cigar. What can it give off? Nothing at all. And so the people that are really hollering about this have no idea at all what they are talking about.

Anita Dilce
“I totally agree with the ban. I’m not a smoker. The smell nauseates me, it bothers my children, it’s just not good. I’m sure there are a lot of reasons why you shouldn’t do it, but for me personally I’m totally against smoking.”

LaQuilla Hardman
“I disagree?”why should everyone else have to suffer? If someone likes to smoke, let them smoke. If you can’t deal with the smoke then why go there? You don’t have to go there; you can always go somewhere else. If you’re in a bar that’s the main thing people do in a bar?”drink and smoke and talk. So if you can’t deal with the smoke, don’t go to the bar. There are quite a few people out here that smoke, and if they smoke, don’t go to the bar. No one is forcing you to go, and no one is asking you to be there.”

AWN: What about restaurants?
“It’s a good thing that they can have it sectioned off, so if you can’t deal with the smoke, just ask for a non-smoking section or ask if you can sit by the door. The door is usually the non-smoking section anyway?”so you don’t have to be there.”