Building not used as article stated
In the Thursday, Nov. 24, issue of the Austin Weekly News, an article appeared titled, “Overcomers’ meeting for ex-offenders affiliated with state’s Sheridan Project,” written by Robert Felton.

Unfortunately, some of the information stated in the article was not accurate regarding the use of a building located at 5814-16 West Division St., which is owned by the Westside Health Authority (WHA). It was stated that this building would be used for ex-offender housing. However, it is not the intention of WHA to use this building for ex-offender housing.

This decision was the result of a public meeting held in May 2005 to determine if the community would support ex-offender housing at this location. Many residents felt that ex-offenders should be helped to transition into the community but not necessarily at this site. WHA has always respected the voice of the community, and decided to forego ex-offender housing and focus on using the building for other purposes.

We apologize for any confusion this statement may have caused.

?”Jacqueline Reed
President CEO Westside Health Authority