Every age group has their distinct fears and for the elderly. For many, senior homes are the “boogiemen” under the bed. However, adults are retiring later in life, working well into their 50s and 60s. Those adult children want to ensure that their parents spend their golden years amongst loved ones.

“That’s where we come in,” said Patricia Buckner, program director of the Senior Adults Daycare.

Located at 3645 W. Chicago Ave. on the first floor of the Chicago Commons Building, the center, which opened in January 2005, began accepting clients in June. The center is one of two in Chicago established by Chicago Commons.

“We cater to seniors whose children have to work or attend to their personal duties during the week, but still want to be assured their parents are cared for in their absence,” said Buckner.

The Senior Adults Daycare Center cares for elderly clients generally aged 60 and above, who are able to get around, but need assistance from an experienced caretaker. The center includes an Arts and Crafts room where clients can work on arts projects or play checkers and bingo.

There is a nature room where clients can sit on a bench on a makeshift patio and admire the plants throughout the room. This bench is also where much of the socializing takes place amongst the clients. Clients are also expected to exercise daily. There is also a movie room where clients can view family entertainment.

Along with various social activities, seniors are served by nurses who provide for some clients bathing, grooming and medicine reminders. Laundry service is also provided by the center.

“The clients also have monthly vitals, daily exercise and all catered meals courtesy of Dee’s Catering Service,” said Buckner. “We want to ensure that they are on a well-balanced diet and that they have plenty of activities to become involved with while they’re here.”

“This used to be an adult education center, last year it was moved upstairs to make room for this facility,” said Sandra Hollis, who’s entrusted with the responsibility of

picking up each client in the morning on the days they are to receive care. “It has really been a wonderful experience and they are so appreciative to us for the time we spend with them.”

Vergie Gordon, who is currently 75, has been a client since July. She says she enjoys the field trips they have gone on, including the Circus earlier this fall.

“My favorite staffer is Sandra, because she laughs at all my jokes,” Gordon said. “I’ll joke about wanting a boyfriend and getting back out in the dating world and she’ll play along. Client Louis Brown is 94, but that didn’t stop him from dancing with one of his caretakers during the morning gathering.

“I like to dance,” he said. “I love everybody here because they work so hard to keep me around a little longer.”

The facility is funded by the Illinois Department on Aging, which determines whether a client can be accepted in the program on not. Factors include household income and total assets, the nature of the help clients may need, and the center’s availability to care for clients during the center’s hours from 7 a.m. to 5:15 p.m., Monday through Friday. Services are also offered on Saturday’s from 7 a.m. to 3 p.m.

For information about The Senior Adults Daycare Center program, call 773/826-4062.