Evelyn Thomas
“The worst Christmas gift I’ve ever gotten is cologne and bath oil that I don’t use and don’t like. It was very sweetie and a terrible scent. The best gift was surviving a serious illness in 2003 and being healthy.”

Vivian Stewart Tyler
“The best gift I received for Christmas was a book report that I had given my students to do when I was teaching school. It was a report on Christmas. My students’ research was amazing. They did not tell me what their religious thoughts were. Instead, they had to use the encyclopedia and other secondary methods for researching Christmas. They discovered that Christmas was a day of commemoration and not the actual day of the birth of Christ. They found the truth for themselves; it was a wonderful thing. My worst recollection is having someone recycle a gift. It shows contempt for themselves and disrespect. They should give these items to charitable organizations.

Joe Nathan Tillman
“I would have to say a package of batteries when I was a kid. The best was being able to go out of town to Las Vegas to visit my family.” (Joe is a Jones College Prep student.)

George O’Hare
“People close to me giving items I didn’t want to wear. However, I would wear them anyway because I never wanted to appear unappreciative. I would still wear it when I would see them. I appreciate the effort made, but sometimes it was not my taste. My best gift has always been getting together with family, close friends and especially my four grandchildren.”

Eunice Wigfall
“When I received a carton of Camel cigarettes in the grab bag at work. My best was in 1996 when my mother came home from the hospital.”

Barbara Minor
“When I received a sweatshirt with Santa Claus on it. I don’t really celebrate Christmas, so the next year I put it in the box for the homeless. My best holiday gifts have been from my husband. He has given me things for the house such as china, gold-plated flatwear, and a beautiful crystal chandelier.”

Isaac & Shirley Rich Jennings:
(Shirley) “The worst for me was when I received a food processor. However, it turned out to be a good gift. Today, I see its value and use it all the time. But when I originally received this gift, I was not a ‘happy camper.'”

(Isaac) “1984, the year I didn’t receive anything. I mean absolutely nothing. I guess Santa got ran over by a Reindeer. My best was in 2003. I got a telescope, something I’ve always wanted. I’ve always been a star-gazer, and I love the heavenly bodies. This was a wonderful gift I really cherish.”