Good article on black woman (Dec. 15 Austin Weekly News: Viewpoints “Sistas, brothas should look inward before pointing the finger.”)

It seems that all a black woman has to do to be considered “marriage material” these days is simply not be married. That is so not true. Black women allegedly have no flaws, whatsoever. But black men, on the other hand, are totally flawed (if you believe the media and black women).

It seems to me that black men and black women are so alienated these days they would be better off it they stopped dealing with each other. This massive and total misunderstanding between black men and black women has to stop one-way or the other.

I think that black men and black women should go their separate ways. A straight black man would be better off, in most cases, today if he dated/married outside the black race. Ditto for the straight black woman. Why waste time with each other the way things are now. Blacks are the most un-partnered group in the United States. Obviously, we don’t need each other the way we once did.

I notice more and more black men are saying, “Enough,” and going outside the race for companionship. If so, good.

Edwin Greene

Cincinnati, Ohio