Leon Johnson
“I would come here to SACCC’s office. Second part; I got the message of what they are doing. So I’m going now to pay this $300 gas bill and they will refund the money back to the gas company.”

Angela Winder
“I believe that God would open a window and pull me out a blessing if there would be room enough to receive it. So I know that he’s going to provide no matter what. That’s one thing about it; when I give my tidings, no matter what bill comes they’re always paid. The second question, the answer is no. Personally I feel that they’re not. I heard about the energy fair through my mother. She heard about it on the news. I did not know about the program and no they are not informing us. There was a man who came to my house during Christmas break. I didn’t know who he was. He was beating on my door and said he was here to lower gas bills, but you have to be cautious because the elderly have been jumped on and abused with people coming into their houses.”

Rena Hardy
“First, I’d trust and lean on God. No, the politicians are not informing us because I didn’t know about this. I don’t feel they are doing everything to inform the community. I found out about this fair through my sister.”

Menjiwei Latham
“I needed help. I didn’t know what to do. I called Peoples Energy, they gave me this location of the fair and I was so grateful for that. The politicians across the city have not made us aware that the gas bills were going to be what it went to. We knew it was going to be higher but I was so shocked. Previously my bill was over $500, and that scared me, but this one I just couldn’t manage. So no, they are not doing enough to inform the community.”

Danny Wilson
“I don’t know. This is why I’m here today at the energy fair seeking help. The Peoples Energy staff is helping me today.” (Renauldo Dumas, associate account analyst, and David Baron, group supervisor for People’s Energy were on hand at the site helping Mr. Wilson, and said they feel energy fairs like this help the community with needed revenue because of rising energy cost.)

Bernice Allen
“Seek some type of help. I went to the Salvation Army and they sent me over here to the SAACC office. Second part of the question: No.”