Jason K.M. Allen
“No, I do not support transracial adoption. I think they will not receive the teachings of their ethnic group. When I see a white couple with a black child, I wonder how did they get them and do they really want that child.”

Jane’ Arielle Macon
“I do agree with it because I am biracial. My mother is white and my father is black. So I do agree with it because I think if a white couple adopts a black child, it gives the child the opportunity to see life from a different point of view. The child can see everyone of color does not live in projects and things of this type.”

AWN: “Since you are biracial, do you feel you are denied your African-American heritage?

“Well, I feel I get more black education than any other. I know more black kids than I do white. So I guess I’m more black than I am white. When people ask me my ethnicity, I say black and white.”

Mattie Holmes
“My take on this is that it is OK for families to adopt other races of people because it’s from the heart. When you deal with people, it doesn’t matter the color of the person because in my own family I have so many, many mixtures of races. My son is married to a white lady, and they have children. I have biracial grandchildren, and it’s wonderful; there is no difference to me. It all comes from the heart. I love them as much as all the rest of my grandchildren?”I love them.”

William High
“Yes, I do believe in transracial adoption. I support it, and I think everyone should support it because we should not have differences in color.”

Lillian Drummond
“Sometimes our own people don’t want to adopt their own, so that leaves other people to adopt. If they are qualified, that’s good. If they aren’t, that is not good. So I say to each its own?”adopt who you can if you treat them right. Let it come from the heart.”

Barbara Sanders
“The question raises an interesting debate on whether you should allow different races to adopt, other than their own. And I really believe as long as the child’s best interest is kept at heart, then it should not matter if the parent is black or white.”