Black women come in all different shades
I am responding to Ladonna Redmond’s column on Teena Marie being at the Today’s Black Woman’s Expo (Austin Weekly News March 2).

I was shocked to read her blatant reverse racism towards Teena Marie. She seems to think that Teena Marie being at the Today’s Black Woman’s Expo will send a message that Teena is a substitute for the black woman. How ridiculous is that?

Is she making a case that only dark skinned women who were raised exclusively by black families ‘in the hood’ be represented at this Expo? I’m guessing that Vanessa Williams, Alicia Keys, Condi Rice wouldn’t get her stamp of approval either if they were invited to be on a program at the Expo, since two of these women are very light skinned and the last is conservative Republican. All of them are black, but are they black enough by Ms. Redmond’s standards?

And her definition on race doesn’t even address the white or black person who might have been raised exclusively by a black or white family and who may only identify with black or white people as a result of being raised exclusively by a family of one race. So is she saying that a white person who identifies with black people and was raised by black parents can’t be represented at Today’s Black Woman’s Expo too?

I’m just trying to understand her logic so that I can tell my light skinned sister or my white friend, who was raised by a black family and totally identifies with black culture that they can’t attend next year’s Today’s Black Woman’s Expo.

I thought black women came in all different shades and from many different backgrounds as well.

Anthony Reed
Moreno Valley, Cal.

A ‘home makeover ‘is waiting for you

I am Anthony Earl, the senior pastor of City Church International. Within recent weeks our church has made a commitment towards impacting the West Side community both spiritually and socially as mandated by God.

There are literally hundreds of individuals on the West Side facing the realities of lost jobs and the reversal of economic gains. Consequently, many are unable to beautify their homes as they could previously. We wanted to do something that would restore someone’s hope: an Extreme Home Makeover.

It has been said that it takes a village to build a life. You may assist our village in identifying a well deserving person who can best benefit from this incredible event. City Church International, located at 5101 W. Harrison inside of Michelle Clark Academic Preparatory High School, is looking for you.

All you need to do is submit a letter to my attention on why you believe you or someone you know should get an Extreme Home Makeover. All letters will be reviewed by a committee that is hand picked by me, and a decision will be made on who will be considered for this event. Everyone selected will get a home visit by the team. Once a final decision is made, that person will receive a letter detailing dates, times and other important information related to the Extreme Home Makeover. The decision will be based on demonstrated need, not just desire.

Send all letters to: Rev. Dr. Anthony Earl, Extreme Makeover, P.O. Box 278686, Chicago, IL. 60827. All letters must be postmarked by April 30, 2006.

Rev. Dr. Anthony Earl