Bobbie Brown

“What I assumed the Republican Party can do to attract more voters is to get into the community and be honest with the black people in the community because we have been getting a raw deal with the Republicans for the last 20 years. So me as a Democrat, I would welcome the chance for the Republican Party to be honest with the black people.”

Derrick Elmore
“The Republican Party cannot do anything for me. I’m a Democrat all the way. The Republican Party has never done anything and they never will.”

Mr. C. Merrill
“The Republican Party cannot do anything for me. Ever since I have been born in the world, I’ve always been a Democrat. Thanks and have a bless day.”

Minister Tammie Brown
“What I think first of all, the Republican Party has to come into the community where the Democrats and African Americans are – come and see what our needs are. They cannot possibly meet the needs of the community without coming and seeing for themselves. They are a part from us. They don’t come and see the people hungry. They don’t come to the food pantry. They do not address the inner city community needs, and until that happens they cannot possibly communicate with us. When they come into the inner city communities and address some of the needs then we’ll have an open mind to what they have to say. Until then we’ll have a closed mind.”

Marshall Hatch, Jr.
“I believe the Republicans have demonstrated that they are elitist. They are extreme conservatives and they have demonstrated that with their policies and this Iraq war. They don’t appear to really care for black people in general or economically. The blacks in the Republican Party are those in the suburbs and who are elite. So I think the Republican Party has to reach out by abandoning their previous conservative ways and by reaching out to the black community. And help provide jobs and economic opportunity in the black communities. How will they know what we are all about if they don’t talk to us or participate in our organizations, churches or outreach programs? As black people we respond to people who respond to us.”

Eddie Austin
“They can change parties and become a Democrat and help more people. And I think that would be a big positive thing for the community, environment and the people in Chicago land all over. We don’t have any interest because they don’t reach out and they say one thing and do another. They don’t stand on their word the way they claim they are going to do.”