Vincetta Thompson
“I think it’s unfortunate. The neighborhoods they are putting previous CHA residents in are groups and blocks of people who really didn’t know or were aware. The police didn’t know, especially in these suburbs. The police usually ride one in a car, so they were totally not ready, and in some cases crime went up. They didn’t make it easy for the homeowners or the CHA people either. They are tearing down the CHA buildings, and building new developments and imposing certain restrictions if people are put back into their neighborhoods. The only person benefiting is the mayor.”

Shonya Williams
“I think maybe it’s good but I’m indifferent, and it’s hard to have an opinion one way or another. Well, change may be good for people. But in most cases as it relates to this incident with CHA residents moving to suburbs, a lot of the residents are without cars, [and] they’re really use to the city, their family and their jobs in the city. So it may be a bit difficult for them to commute back and forth. So on that hand it may be a hardship for them. And we also need affordable housing. The city of Chicago has become so expensive to live in, all the new housing being built on the South and West Side are not for low- or medium-income people. Unfortunately people are being thrown together who do not understand or know each other. This kind of situation can always cause concern for both parties.”

Keymosha Matthews
“I disagree with the relocation because these people have been living in their location for years. I think it’s to relocate them to a place they are unaware of and don’t know how to get around. Pace buses stop running at a certain time. I just don’t think it’s right. What they need is affordable housing, and to try to sympathize with them and relocate them to a place that is more familiar. They are making it so high-priced in the city right now; they don’t have any other choice but to move where they can afford it.”

Toccara Payton
“I think that relocating people who live in the ‘hood’ to the suburbs is a good and bad idea. It’s a good idea because a lot of people that were living in the projects have never been out of the projects. And people who live in the suburbs all their life say, ‘we don’t want to bring the ‘hood’ to the suburbs,’ even though I think every suburb needs a little ‘hood’. But it’s a bad idea because we’re moving so far away. I would love to move to the suburbs, but I would also like to keep my connection to my neighborhood, family and friends.”

Christina Muldonado
“I think that being relocated has its benefits and disadvantages. A lot of people have been living there for many years and that is their life. So, for someone to tell them they have to go, that is a hard thing to do. But I don’t know; it might be a good thing. They might need a change in their life.”

Annette Price
“Diversity is good for everyone and sometimes it’s necessary in order to experience the advantages that other communities offer. As long as it’s done in a methodical systematic way where “redlining” is not included and exclusion is not included. I think it’s a good thing.” (Redlining, which is illegal, is a practice where a mortgage company has drawn a “red line” in the areas that they will NOT do business in.)