Diane Brandon
“I think that we should support the cause and if some people want to march they should do that. Other people might want to support it in other ways, such as through awareness information, materials, writing to their legislators, talking to their congressman and things of this nature.”

Gregory Kendrick
“Yes we should, even if we’re doing it for moral support for the one’s who are fighting for it. We fought for ours to get fair treatment. I kind of believe they have taken a page from African-American’s civil rights movement, so we should be able to support them.”

Gloria Avery
“I feel we should not join the march because they should specify, and it’s not for African Americans. After all, when Haitians have tried to enter the United States they are turned around immediately. The Hispanics can be supported morally. However, I never see them joining any causes we have or in our marches. Everyone should be treated equally and follow the same set of rules. What about immigrants who did follow the rules and those who are awaiting citizenship? Should they be jumped over by those who want amnesty.”

Eddie Sidney
“My opinion is we’re all immigrants in this country and we should do all that it takes so that someone else can also live out their lives in which we have lived ours.”

Emanuel Jones
“Yes, I feel that we should join the immigration marches because for one reason that stands out in my mind is that, if I were in the same situation as some of the immigrants, with poverty, housing etc., I would stand for people such as Haitians who can’t get in, but they allow other people too. So that is one of the reasons why I would stand with them.”

Rev. Romandis P. Moore
“From a prospective of us as African Americans I think it would be important for us to be a part of it; in the sense that there are so many different ethnic groups that might be represented in this. I think that we should take a stance to say we need equal rights and all need to play by the same fair rules, and have opportunities to be a part of this great city we live in. So we should be represented. Yes.”