On Saturday, May 13, the City of Chicago will once again sponsor a citywide cleanup effort. Every spring the mayor, along with the Ward Superintendent’s Office make available rakes, brooms, garbage bags, additional bulk pick-up, and city workers to assist the citizens in the community to do mass cleanups on their blocks and in their neighborhood. Block clubs and other groups throughout the city coordinate the activity in their areas so that the maximum results are achieved. This year, Eyes on Austin (EOA) will target the Austin business strips for a massive cleanup (Madison Street, Chicago Avenue, Division Street, and North Avenue, all from Cicero to Austin). We are looking to hire the youth in the Austin community to participate in this admirable task. EOA will have its youth in place to tackle these four business strips. They will work with adult supervision, cleaning the streets and curbs, and offer window cleaning services if wanted.

This project addresses issues that are critical in this community:

 The need to have our teens engaged in positive activity

 To have our teens interacting with other youth and adults as part of a team

 The opportunity to earn a salary for an honest day’s work

 To feel a part of the community they live in

 The business community get the benefit of a clean business area (for at least the day)

 The business community gets to see our teens as capable and responsible young adults.

Eyes on Austin will sponsor additional cleanup projects this summer. We will use our young people to motivate them and allow them to feel ownership of their own neighborhoods.

The business community can contact Eyes on Austin if you would like to work with, and contribute to, the nurturing of our young people.

The young people (14-18) can call Eyes on Austin 773/479-1569 for an application to be a part of this experience, or stop by at 5519 W. North Avenue, Chicago 60639.

Jean Jackson
Executive director, Eyes on Austin