A West Side man free on bond sprinted from a courtroom at the Cook

County Criminal Courthouse last Thursday morning after a judge indicated she might order him taken into custody.

Cassanova West, 18, appeared in Judge Diane Cannon’s courtroom on charges of violating the terms of his probation.

“She didn’t quite order him held, but made some passing reference to revoking his bond,” said Bill Cunningham, a spokesman for the Cook County Sheriff’s Office. “When he heard this, he ran from the courtroom, and our deputies chased him down in the lobby.”

Cunningham said he does not believe West will be charged with escape because the judge did not order him into custody. Also, West was not in custody before the incident, Cunningham said.

West was in Cannon’s second-floor courtroom for allegedly violating his curfew and testing positive in December for marijuana. West, of the 2700 block of West Gladys Avenue, was serving 36 months of probation after being convicted of drug possession. He is being held at Cook County Jail, Cunningham said.