Betty Mason
“I think the cameras help and it deters a lot of drug traffic. I have noticed that, especially on Central Avenue by Columbus Park and even over by Roosevelt Road and Douglas Blvd. I don’t see as much traffic as previously. I do think, however, we should have brighter lights on the streets such as those in some alleys because these brighter lights also help to keep drug transactions down. People don’t like to be seen [and] those who are doing these things like working in the dark. So they should have brighter lights on the front of the streets.”

Rev. Phil Jackson
“I believe the lights play a significant role. However, I don’t think there’s any respect from the folk in the neighborhood for the lights. Those who are living in the neighborhood and those who are selling drugs in the neighborhood, they don’t seem to slow down their trafficking. A lot of folks I know who live right by where the lights are seem to have more people back up into the neighborhood, more so then back in the block, creating more problems for the residents who live in that area.”

Carolyn Lewis
“Well, I’m hoping they’re doing a good job. I’m trying to understand when there is something going on, I don’t see police coming unless they get a call. I think they’re doing o.k. right now, but I would like to see the police quicker then 30 minutes, or waiting until somebody calls them. Also, who is watching the cameras? Is it really a video camera, and how is it maintained? Are they going back looking at the tapes and seeing if somebody is doing wrong, and do they do anything about it?

Kim Jackson
“I can say the security cameras has definitely changed the significant traffic on 16th Street, in particular 16th and Ridgeway. However, I am not sure and don’t have any statistics on the curtailing of crime. But I can say that there has definitely been a decrease in the amount of traffic that is on 16th and Ridgeway, and that is a good thing.”

Lillian Lofton
“I do feel the police security has curtailed the drug trafficking. I think people are more aware that the security cameras are out there. So therefore, they are more apt to watch their activities, and also even the speeding. So I do think it’s a good thing to have the security cameras.”

Ron Lofton
“I feel that the cameras provide a sense of security, but I also think that there should be more accountability from the officials as to the monitoring of those cameras. There should also be more accountability to the neighborhoods as to how those cameras are deterring any crime or any inference of crime in the neighborhood. So, there has to be someone to report back to the community what exactly those cameras are doing for the neighborhood.”