Alex Felton
I really do not know enough about the candidates per se to make a real decision on it, but I’m sure that whatever decision is made, it’s going to be a positive one.

Gloria Jernigan
Personally, when it comes to Todd Stroger replacing his father, I need to know more about this candidate before I let myself make a decision. I’m not the kind of person who will go along to get along. I want to be informed about political decisions. I’m sure all the names being mentioned right now are wonderful people, however, what will they bring to the table? Since we have not heard from John Stroger directly it would be a little premature to make any concrete decisions. If Mr. Stroger returns to the board then this entire discussion is not necessary. Yes, we should look and plan ahead, but it’s hard to decide right now.

Kelley C. Veal
There are a lot of proposed candidates being mentioned right now, but I need to know more about them and their qualifications before I can make a decision or if I would like Todd to be the one to take his father’s place. Chicago is a city where politics is almost like another sport. People are passionate about their candidates and political beliefs. This is why I like to be cautious and get as much information as I can. When you have information, you can make better political decisions based upon what you are looking for in a candidate and how that candidate will best serve a community’s interest.

Patricia Rae Easley
I believe that we as citizens of the city of Chicago in the United States of America have seen the outcome when children takeover their parents’ candidacy. And I believe we should give it to whoever is the most qualified rather then going by someone’s last name. Now, I do not doubt that Todd Stroger would be a qualified candidate, however, I don’t think that he should be the candidate because he’s John Stroger’s son. And I think that Congressman Davis would do a great job. He’s shown success within his jurisdiction. We’ve seen changes within the community because of him, and I think that he would do a great job as Cook County Board president.

Patrick Charles Easley
I feel that Todd Stroger should pick up his father’s position because a lot of great people have come out of father and son relationships, such as our present mayor. I do believe that Mayor Daley has done a fine job as our mayor. And Todd Stroger should be County Board president because he has a father as a mentor to help him along the way, and John Stroger has been a worthy president.

Rena Whittington
I need more information and purpose. Therefore, I have no real comment.