Hope Briggs
“I think most people would want to know about the health of our politicians and our leaders. So, I don’t think there is a problem with them reporting on his health. I don’t think the news media should cover it to the extent that they are doing it, but just a little mention about his health and how he’s doing is o.k.”

Averron Freeman
“I think that the media has a responsibility to voters. They might want to help him or pray for his situation. I feel it’s o.k. that they don’t hide the issue and disclose the information to the rest of the public. He’s a politician and a pillar in the community, so I feel the community has a right to know about the people they vote for.”

Robin Johnson
“No, I don’t think they are reporting too much. I would like to know myself about Mr. Stroger’s health because if he’s not well enough to take office. I would like to know that before the election, that way I’d have a chance to look at some other candidates. I think it’s important that we know what’s going on with his health, and I feel that the family should release some of the details.”

Sherman Wynn
“I think the media should report more on John Stroger because we as the people who vote need to make an informed decisions. We want to be able to plan our thoughts and see who we want to vote for.”

Tals White
“I would say it should be an issue the media should cover so we’ll know who all might be running. I think it should be addressed immediately, and as a people, we should have a say so.”

Paul Merced Jr.
“I think the constituents have a right to know what’s going on. If he can’t do his job then they need to put somebody in there that can do the job. I think the way the election was run was ‘way messed up’. I think the person who got the most amount of votes should have that opportunity to go and get that job.”