Sheila Cochran
“My favorite activity to do during the 4th is to just rest and relax with family and friends, and eat some good food – also not work. On Stroger: “I think it’s a terrible thing because it’s causing a lot of turmoil. I just hope that all parties can agree on who will next be the person to step up and do the work of President Stroger for us, as well as picking the best person who can do the job, and hoping that the best person can win when the election time comes.”

Angela Ellison
(Project Direct for Closing the Gap)
“My favorite activity is to spend time with my family, barbecuing and just having a good time in the home [and] not in the park. On Stroger: “That is a controversy that is always not justice, but “just us” and we never have a chance to do it the right way, and people don’t want to do right by us, the citizens. So it’s just Chicago politics and it continues to be Chicago politics.”

Evelyn Map
“My favorite activity on the 4th is to jump “Double Dutch” with my family. On Stroger: “About President Stroger, I can only say that he’s in my prayers and God bless him in whatever he endeavors to do concerning his political career. He’s done so much for Cook County. I thank God he is a man of God that has done so much for our community. God sets people up to do things, and he’s done exactly what God would have him do. We know that he’s under attack right now and I just what him to know he’s in my prayers.”

Marielle Fricchione
“My favorite thing to do on the 4th is to be with family and eat a lot of food. On Stroger: “I think it’s a little suspicious, and I just hope that Stroger is doing OK. I hope that someone steps in to take his place and will do a good job for the benefit of the citizens.”

Dan Karl
“I do like to see and hear the fireworks display and get outside and be with people. On Stroger: “My opinion is kind of neutral. My only opinion is that as soon as the Stroger family knew that he probably wasn’t able to fulfill his position, they should have informed the public. That’s my opinion ?” once you know for sure, inform the public.”

Janice M. Hill
“My favorite activity is to barbeque at home with family. On Stroger: “You know what: he’s sick, and just like when Mayor Daley’s daddy was sick they let him stay in office for a whole year, I heard. So I don’t know why they’re rushing Stroger? And the resignation letter has not been signed, so I heard his son say he didn’t want to rush his daddy and get him upset by signing the letter. So it sounds like to me he didn’t even write the letter.”

Karen Salasblancas
“I just love picnics and being together with everyone, in the forest, park or wherever. Just being together is my favorite activity. On Stroger: “I’m very concerned with the prestige that our city is being marred with. The world does pay attention to Chicago. We are the hub of the world, but I am very concerned with the injustice that is being done with our citizens. We don’t have a say in this. We’re just left with their decision. So I hope that this will be a lesson for us to really start paying attention, vote and make sure that our vote counts. And what is this about the medical records of Stroger missing? A copy was given to Channel 5, and the Channel 5 reporters said we don’t want to be liable for the information enclosed in those files. They were very concerned about penalty and fines.”

Janine Lewis
“My favorite thing to do on the 4th is to eat a lot and spend a lot of time with friends and family. On Stroger: “I’m glad the decision was made (letter resignation), and that movement was made. I think it was probably the right decision given President Stroger’s condition, and I’m hoping that now the board can move forward.”