‘You Got Garfield’ is the way the phone is answered every Sunday night on WVON-1450AM black talk radio from 10 p.m. until midnight. For many Westsiders, Garfield Majors’ show “Talking to the People” is our two hours of news and information that addresses issues as they are happening on this side of town. Now before someone writes me and chastises me about fostering the South Side/West Side feud, that is not my point.

It’s just nice to learn what our local West Side ministers, politicians and business folks have been up to. Garfield’s permanent co-host is our own 7th Congressional District U.S. Congressman (and wannabe Cook County Board president) Danny K. Davis. “Congras or da’ Congrass” is what Garfield calls him. You can also expect to hear from Bobbi Steele as well as a few other local politicians.

From politicians, ministers to everyday people, when folks get in need, they contact Garfield Majors. Most people know him for owning an exterminating business: A-1 Garfield Exterminating & Janitorial Service, 3827 W Harrison St., 773/638-8462. His motto is “He’s Got a License to Kill” when exterminating for unwanted pests.

Garfield starts his show by offering a “prayer line” for folks to call up and put anyone who is sick or in need of prayer on the “prayer list.” He often has guest preachers who do a prayer for all the folks on the streets out here shouting “rock and blow.”

The best part of the show is the first 15 minutes where Garfield does his monologue. And don’t be fooled. Garfield knows everything he says and is one of the few folks who can refer to the governor as “Gov. Big-ol-B….!” or do a put-down on Mayor Daley that will have you rolling on your sides. But at his age, he can get away with saying all the things many of us wish someone would get on the radio and say. And don’t be deceived by Garfield’s speech and demeanor. He is one of the smartest businessmen I know.

Garfield is celebrating his birthday this Saturday, July 15, with a celebration at the Harrison street address. I tried to find out his age, but no one knows it. So let’s just make him a little older than time itself! The party is being hosted by Ms. Margaret Chatman and Garfield wants everyone to come out to his party. It is the chance to meet people you hear over the radio and a chance to see folks you haven’t seen since his party last year! Beginning at 10 a.m., there will be the usual games, jumping jack, Young Destructive (positive rap), firetruck, etc. for the children. There will also be tons of hotdogs and hamburgers. The Jesse White Tumblers are also scheduled to appear and do their “thang.”

At 1 p.m., Pastor Bowers from True House of Holiness will do a prayer. Rev. Kenneth Giles from Mount Olive Baptist Church (where Garfield is a member) will speak. Pastor Johnny Dodd will sing his famous song “Late in the Evening.” Rev. Mack McCollum of New Home M.B. Church will sing, as well as Deacon Burton and the Victory Travelers.

Mayoral Candidate Bill “Dock” Walls will also be there. So come out and meet and greet the next mayor of Chicago. Here’s your chance to question him about his plan for the sorely needed economic development of the West Side.

Garfield will also have over 500 pounds of catfish frying, so bring your appetite as well as a dish and a chair. I will be there, so if you want to bend my ears back in public, I can still do a mean 100-yard-dash. Smile!

The conference calls are every Sunday from 9 to 10 p.m. Call 605/772-3200 (this is long distance so use your cell) and enter this Access code: 806598#. I can host up to 96 people.

CONTACT westside2day@yahoo.com