Prior to Tuesday’s decision by Democratic Committeemen to slate Todd Stroger on the November ballot for Cook County Board president, the Austin Weekly News asked: Among candidates vying to replace John Stroger on the November ballot, who would you like to see in his place: County Commissioner Bobbie Steele, U.S. Cong. Danny Davis, or Stroger’s son Ald. Todd Stroger (8th Ward)?

Old Saint Paul Baptist Church,
531 N. Kedzie, County Board Candidates Forum

Gerard Moorer
Cong. Danny K. Davis

Anita Jones
Bobbie Steele

LaTonya Townsel
Bobbie Steele

Bill Dale
Cong. Danny Davis

Rochelle Townsel
Bobbie Steele

Fannie Jakes
Bobbie Steele

Denetrice D. Hill
Cong. Danny Davis

Kelly Gill
Todd Stroger