A reality show with a moral twist is exactly what “The Messengers” is. It’s not about betrayal, college life, or even about marriage. This is a show that takes a deeper look into life from all different perspectives and defines it through spoken word. It started off with 10 people from all different backgrounds who want to make a change in the world, and feel they can by their words of encouragement. Each week the contestants go through a dilemma and afterwards they have to present a speech to a panel of judges and audience members to move on to the next week, eventually becoming “America’s Next Inspirational Speaker”.

Each week one person will be eliminated. Out of the ten contestants one is a Chicago native, Cornelious “See” Flowers was born and raised in Chicago, and was brought up in a close knit family that instilled in him that he could do anything he wanted because the sky was the limit.

He recalls his mother telling him that he was “special” and that he would “be somebody” due to his hunger for change and his gift of being creative.

Flowers and his family’s lives were changed when his mother was killed in the streets of Chicago. After her death he began to go further in his writing and speaking career, later moving to Atlanta for more opportunities. He found out about the auditions for a show that would highlight the spoken word.

Taking a leap of faith, Flowers auditioned and later received a phone call that he was accepted into the show and would become a cast member. Flowers said his family was not surprised of the fact that he was filming a show for TV because they knew he was on a trip to stardom.

About the origins of how he got his nickname.

“No one has ever asked me that question,” he said laughing, “but me being an artist, I have went through a lot of name changes, and one day I was looking in the dictionary and saw the word “see” and it described every thing I wanted to be.”

Flowers added that now that the show is done he would continue spreading his gift with his upcoming book, CD, and poetry appearances.

Since reality shows are becoming so popular and scandalous, Flowers felt that “The messengers” was different.

“This show is unscripted and real,” he said.

About the experience of filming the show Flowers said, “I had a great time. I was motivated by each person that went up to speak.”

The show airs every Sunday at 9 p.m. on TLC. For more information on “See” visit  www.seethepoet.com.