Emily Roberts

“I think they should be in school as soon as possible. When they begin talking and are potty trained, they should go to school. You can never get enough education. I don’t think our kids realize that, but they can be taught that. And to keep up with every type of oppression that they are going to face in life, 365 days a year is even better, and I mean day and night.”

Altha Watt

“I think children should start school when they are old enough to understand because when a child is three or four years old, they understand more than we
realize. You’re never to old, or young, to learn.”


Dohn Collins

“I think they should start by age four. I think kids at that age are very receptive; they are like sponges soaking up almost anything and everything you say. I think that starting at that age will give them a head start in life as well.”

Emilia Collazo

“I think kids should start at three if you’re smart enough, like I was.I wasn’t old enough to go to kindergarten, so I feel that was my loss. I hope other children will not be denied like I was because I
was not five years old at that time [but] I feel I could have finished school early. At three years old, children start to pick up on things and understand certain things, so why not let them go to school and further their development.”

Tori L. Collins

“I think children should start kindergarten at the age of three. I know of several children of the Asian persuasion who already know how to read at three and four years old, and that is something that should be universal. Making learning fun for children is another formula that can be used, and the earlier we begin developing children, the better [it is] for everyone. We all become winners when our children succeed.”



Natosha Hatley

“I do believe starting early at four years old is good. Early intervention is one of the best measurements for our children today. If you notice, children 3 and 4 years old can repeat entire song lyrics, and this tells me they can comprehend many things we don’t give them credit for. This is one example of why starting school early is a good idea.”