Youth should heed China Hill’s advice
Just read the Aug. 10, View Points column by China Hill “Respecting elders is not a thing of the past,” and was applauding out loud. Although I’m not a senior I totally think that if young folks knew better, they’d do better.

Yolie Turner-Alford

AQS will prove no savior when it comes to Austin schoolchildren
Dear Editor: I know that you cannot control the accuracy of advertising content, but the ad placed in your Aug. 3, 2006 paper by American Quality Schools is partially inaccurate.

The Austin community demanded that the Chicago Board of Education readmit a minimum of 200 freshmen students into the regular Austin High School this fall 2006 to minimize the displacement of Austin community students to other under performing schools because of the myriad of problems with the Renaissance 2010 transition. Instead, the Board of Education, in collaboration with AQS, increased the number of freshmen slots. This fall 2006, the school will accommodate up to 300 freshmen rather than 200 freshmen.

There was no request to increase the number of freshmen ABEA (Austin Business Entrepreneur Academy) slots. I am very disappointed that AQS would spin the Chicago Board of Education’s decision to make AQS look like a savior. The truth is that AQS will begin its operation of the business academy with a larger budget.

Why would the community want AQS housing additional students when AQS ignored repeated requests to meet with either the Austin Transition Advisory Council (TAC) or the Austin Local School Council (LSC) to discuss concerns about ABEA’s curriculum, staffing, and operations?

Dwayne Truss
Austin TAC Member

Note: The Austin Business Entrepreneur Academy, run by American Quality Schools, will open at the Austin High School campus, 231 N. Pine, this fall.