Demetrice Beal

“Yes, I’m excited about returning to school. I will be attending A.C.T. Charter School this year, and I’m excited about that. The book bags and supplies are nice.”

Savannah Young

“I attend May American Academy School, and I feel thankful because it helps the parents. Sometimes, school supplies can be expensive, and they didn’t have to do anything for us. I’m excited about returning to school.”

Eugene Young

“I feel good because they gave us some school supplies to go to school with. I go to May School, and I want to get good grades.”

Dontae Decatur

“I feel great and I want to thank all of them who gave me school supplies. They didn’t have to give this to us. I’m ready to go back to Schiller School.”

Desholior Curtis

“I attend Duke Ellington School, and I think the superintendent and the alderman visiting the church and giving us book bags is nice of them.”