Dorothy Brown, Mayor Daley, Bill “Doc” Walls or Cong. Jesse Jackson Jr.? (Walls and Brown have officially announced)


Ethel Smith

“I would vote for Cong. Jackson because I think he would make a very good mayor.
I see him on television a lot, and I like the way he talks and the things that he says. He has talked about issues that we are concerned about.”

Pat Wright

“I would vote for Jesse Jackson Jr. because I like his platform. The reason I would vote for him is because he has spoken up against Mayor Daley and his corruption.”

Rev. Ira Acree

“I am very excited that we have options; now that really fires me up. I salute Dorothy Brown because she has come forward. Many people have criticized the mayor, challenged the mayor, [and] pointed to all of his scandals in his administration. She has stood up and said that [she] will take on this liar. I’m looking over all of them. What I like about her is the fact that she does not have a South Side bias to her. She may be situated on the South side, she may have her roots based on the South Side, but she has a citywide appeal. Jesse Jackson Jr., does have a organization, maybe a strong organization. He and his father, they really have moved forward. But what we really want to do is look over those choices, rather it is Bill “Doc” Walls, Dorothy Brown or Jesse Jackson Jr. We don’t know at this point, but we like to have options. Dorothy Brown is the front-runner out of three for me right now.

Betty Bady

“No Daley. I’m still looking over the candidates, and I want to see what their ideas and platform will be.”

Farrah Lloyd

“I vote for Dorothy Brown. She is well-educated. She is a woman, first of all, and also she is well-known. She has a religious background and she voices her opinion.”

Akeeysha Rodgers

“I pick Dorothy Brown because she is a woman of character. She would be a great political leader. She is well-qualified, she is a certified public accountant, she is clerk of the [Circuit] Court, and she has lots of credentials.”

Ethel Wright

“I would vote for Ms. Dorothy Brown for the reason that I like the way she is speaking about education. She is truthful and she would get rid of all the corruption in the administration. I just like her because she is a woman, and if they can put Jane Byrne in there, I believe this woman can come in there and do a good job. She is smart and well-educated.”

Tracy Martin

“I think I would vote for Cong. Jackson because he has been a voice for the community and Chicago for a long time. I think he is an excellent candidate because he is more qualified than those who are running.”