Various community leaders and activists will hold a mass “silent” rally on Friday at the Federal Plaza at Dearborn and Jackson Boulevard. to protest police torture.

Attorneys Stan Willis and Larry Kennon have been meeting for several months with members of the community regarding former Chicago police commander Jon Burge and problems concerning police torture.

Victims, activists and community leaders said the investigation done by special prosecutors Edward Egan and Robert Doyle did not accomplish any justice for those who were allegedly tortured as a result of Burge and some of his officers’ torture techniques. As stated in the Burge report released over the summer, techniques included electric-shock to the genitals, suffocation with plastic bags and burning on hot radiators.

In January 2005 by Federal Appeals Court Judge Diane Wood. Area 2 violated the United Nation’s prohibition against torture. It was even revealed in the spring of 2005 through the Freedom of Information documents, according to the attorneys, that the City of Chicago had spent more than $6 million in legal fees defending itself, Burge and his men against allegations of torture, despite knowledge that torture tactics were a pattern and practice in some of the police’s ranks.

The release of the Burge Report on July 19, was a disappointing document for many, and after four years and approximately $7 million spent on the investigation, the statute of limitations had allegedly run out. After the report’s release, it was then reported in the news there might be a possible “conflict of interest” with one of the Burge investigators. The Chicago Sun-Times on Aug. 6, reported that special prosecutor Edward Egan’s nephew, William Egan, had worked under Burge during the 1970s and ’80s when many of the alleged torture of victims was done.

Attorneys Stan Willis, Locke Bowman, Joey Mogul, Larry Kennon and Flint Taylor are some of lawyers who have been involved with Burge case for over 20 years, and have vowed, they said, to continue to litigate in seeking justice for the victims. One area of justice being sought is compensation for victims who were tortured into confessions. Another is focusing on judges who heard, or are hearing, torture victims’ cases and whose rulings are now in question.

The “Silent Mass Demonstration Protesting Police Torture” will take place Friday, Sept. 15, at the Federal Plaza on Dearborn and Jackson, beginning at 11 a.m.

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