Latasha Millan
“I do believe it’s a good idea that the store opened up, but I also think with the cost of living going up every year, we do need a more livable wage. I’m happy people are working, but with the cost of housing, gas, food -and now the electric is threatening to go up – there needs to be an increase in wages. Minimum wages will not pay rent or feed a family of one.”

Brenda Harris
“I think I’m with the mayor, and we should just be grateful to have a Wal-Mart so that we can have a job regardless to the minimum wage – something is better then nothing. Yes, we need a livable wage, but it’s better to just have the Wal-Mart where there are some jobs. It’s better to have the Wal-Mart so that people can have a source of income.”

Michelle King
“I feel like Wal-Mart makes a lot of money and we should be able to make $10 per hour based on the money they are bringing in everyday. They know this is small change for them. If they pay the people two extra dollars it’s still going to be jobs out there, and they can afford it.”

Debra Stevens
“My understanding of the opening of the store on the West side is that the employees are not making as much as the suburban employees. By Mayor Daley vetoing the ordinance, it did do a lot for giving blacks jobs on the West Side.”

Derrell Smith
“My idea of Mayor Daley’s veto of big box is actually a good idea because we did need the store open, even though it’s taking away from the neighborhood ‘mom-and-pop’ stores. But it also opened up a lot of jobs and opened a lot of opportunities for the people in the neighborhood. Myself, I stay not too far from this store and I know at least 15 or 20 people who got hired recently [including] high school students who need jobs. Even though Wal-Mart can afford to pay $10 per hour, I’m just happy that the alderman got it. Business is really booming; it’s really busy, and everybody seems happy to be working. I myself wish that I could get a job here. $10 per hour is not minimum wage but it’s still a decent wage, especially for the young people. I wish they would get the $10 per hour. Everybody likes to make a little more money, and they don’t mind working a little harder for the extra money. So I’m all for it.”

Street Beat Trivia: West Side streets from Washington Boulevard to Roosevelt Road are named after United States presidents: (George) Washington, (James) Madison, (James) Monroe, (John) Adams, (Andrew) Jackson, (Martin) Van Buren, (Benjamin) Harrison, (James K.) Polk, (Zachary) Taylor, (Millard) Fillmore and (Teddy) Roosevelt.