Ashia Tukes
“I think the Olympics should not be here because Mayor Daley just wants to buy black people’s land. I think that he is wrong, and I think we don’t deserve the Olympics. He’s just trying to fool people and get votes.”

Eric G. Tukes
“I am a member of Black People Against Police Torture, and my main concern with this Olympics is, I think like anybody, we would enjoy the Olympics being here. But under the circumstances; since this is about sports, and it’s an international sport in relationship with humanity, I think before this thing takes off, Mayor Daley needs to address the whole Burge question in relationship to torture. The issue of torture needs addressing because black life should go before any sporting event, and that’s the way that I see it.”

Khaalis B. Martin
“My feeling about the prospect of the 2016 Olympics coming to Chicago: at the present moment and time, Chicago does not deserve to be a sight for the Olympics because of the record of Chicago police torturing and coercing confessions. The mayor is responsible for that, and until he addresses that issue then Chicago will not be qualified to hold the 2016 Olympics. Justice comes only after injustice has been defeated, so first things first.”

Crystaline Charity
“I think that the prospect of the Olympics being here is highly political. If it goes to Washington Park it will bring more development to that area, but what will it mean for the people who have been there for decades? They would likely not be there to enjoy the fruits of the development that would come with it in 2016.”

Shikilia Tukes
“I feel that Chicago is not ready for the 2016 Olympics to be held here. We have not shown human attitudes that is expected of a city. Police brutality against black people is a critical issue that needs to be dealt with. That needs to be corrected before we can hold the Olympics here. It is unacceptable to hold the Olympics. Also, if the black community is excluded, or if black people are moved out of the Washington Park area, what will happen to events such as the African Festival, Soul Circus or the Bud Billiken Parade? Will they be in jeopardy if the park is remodeled for the Olympics?”

Helen Charity
“I feel that there are many things that need to be taken care of long before 2016, and no, I don’t feel that the Olympics should come to Chicago.”