Marc Nicholas Johnson

“I believe the doctor should not be reinstated. I believe he should truly be re-investigated. They should go through the entire health system to make sure all the health care providers have the proper certification to make sure they can provide proper pediatric and geriatric services.”

Bettye Pulphs

“I think that the doctor needs to be clearly evaluated and a investigation needs to take place because something happened. This young girl died. During that time when the anesthesia was being administered, was the proper dosage given? Or maybe the person administering the dosage wasn’t properly certified. We want to prevent this from happening again. So, no, he should not receive his license at this time.”

Tara Montley

“Well, I think his license should not be revoked. I think they should do a thorough investigation and see what his background looks like, but I think it was just an honest mistake. I don’t think it was done intentionally.”

Darnell Williams

“I say the license should be revoked and he shouldn’t get it back. If it were up to me, I would like to see him get a very severe punishment.”

Hakeem Ward

“No, I think he should lose his license because that was a major, major mistake that a professional should not make. He should be held accountable for another person losing their life, and also because he caused a person their life. There should be some type of penalty or repercussion behind his actions.”

Anita Wheeler

“I think that his license should be suspended. I do not think it should be revoked because it was an accident and not something that was done intentionally. When you’re put under anesthesia a lot of people don’t know you’re clinically dead. And a lot of people make rash decisions about someone’s livelihood and they don’t know anything about the medical field. I don’t know a lot, but I know a little more than the average person. When you’re under anesthesia you’re clinically dead anyway. That is why people shouldn’t be rushing [to judgment] because she (Diamond) could have been allergic to it. And by it being her first time taking it, you just don’t know. So I don’t think he should spend time in jail because it’s not something done intentionally. You don’t go in the office to deliberately kill somebody. He just made a mistake…Just because she was a child. that is still the normal procedure.”

Dion D. Williams

“I believe the death of this child represents one too many. Because of the emphasis and importance that we put on our doctors, I believe they need to take as much care as possible to ensure that this doesn’t happen. I believe if this was a Caucasian child we wouldn’t be having this discussion. so I definitely believe this person should not be reinstated.”