Patrick McGee, asst. vice president for National City Bank
“I think he should – there is no time like the present. If you use Colin Powell as an example, he had his chance to do it, and it passed him by. You’ve got to do it when it’s your time and your chance. If he waits, no telling what can happen in the future. We could be in World War V by the time you wait again. Do it now.”

Diane Baker, case manager for Eyes on Austin
“Yes, I think it would be a great idea for Senator Barack Obama to run for president of the United States. He is a fine candidate [and] he would be a good president. He’s very well-rounded, and he would be an effective leader.”

Kelley Davison, proprietor of Wild West Beauty & Barber Salon
“I think that Senator Barack Obama would be a great candidate to become president, but I think that he should wait and not do it right now. I think that he should spend more time in his current position. I feel like everybody is kind of rushing him – and yes, he’s an excellent person and he hasn’t’t been stained like all the rest of the politicians. He’s still a stand-up person. So I really would love to see him as president one day. Then I can vote for him and my children can get a chance to vote, and all the young people who are too young now would get a chance to voice their opinions.”

James Williams,mentor coordinator for Austin YMCA
“Yes, I do. I think that he is a very capable politician, very astute and very intelligent. I think the country needs this kind of leadership in business at this time.”

Mark Medema, KIPP School
“I think with the stars aligned right now, and everything great that Senator Obama is doing, he can’t miss an opportunity like that to run for president. It’s a once in a lifetime chance, so – go for it.”

Neema Woodard,proprietor of Neema’s Children
Literature Association:

“I think so. He’s qualified, he’s in a
position and why not run?”

Edeau Long, marketing rep for Loan Depot
“I think, definitely, he should run for president. It would be refreshing to have a black president in office in our lifetime. He’s very knowledgeable, has a lot of important views, and he’s for the people. I think he would be a great candidate considering who we have in there right now.”

Steven McCullough, president/CEO of Bethel New Life
“I absolutely think Senator Obama should run because it’s rare when you have such opportunities. From an image prospective, from a media prospective and from a political prospective, everything is convening right now for him, and he should take advantage of it. He should seize the day, and seize the opportunity. Just as the momentum is on his side today, it could turn on him tomorrow. So he should run with it as far as he can run. If he wants to run for president, that is what he should do, and I would support him in doing that.”