Nita Nelson
“My concerns would be the schools. No Child Left Behind is totally under-funded. There definitely needs to be a priority as far as funding. We need our children to be competitive and not just internationally, but in other areas in the state.”

Lachell Glenn
“I would like to see better schools, more books in the schools, and more homework so we can learn more. The more we learn makes us better prepared for the tests we have to take as we prepare for college. I would like for colleges to come out and visit the schools so we can prepare for college and be ready for the next level. The next mayor should try to get more scholarships and funds to help young people who are not from wealthy families.”

Travis Crawford
“I can assure you we need more jobs and affordable housing, and probably a little bit more transportation like we used to have. Transportation is a problem in our black communities. It makes it hard to travel way across town when you’re only making minimum wages. You spend most of your salary trying to get to work. If the next mayor can address some of these issues, we can start to have a better way to live.”

Dr. Carlee E. Doggan
“In my opinion, the next mayor needs to address the system, the Chicago Public School system. As a former counselor of that organization I find that it’s despicable that they ask (you), the parents, to ask us (teacher) if we are highly qualified, when even our leaders are not highly qualified. We need to address that quickly and get our children back on track for learning. Not every child is going to be able to go to college, but we do need to have a system where they do have training. They can learn to do a tradesmen position and they can have jobs. We need jobs for our children; we need those jobs when they are teenagers and before they are 21 and 30 years of age and still out there on the street. They need to know how they can make a living for themselves.”

John Granthem
“I think they need to create more jobs and bring more manufacturing jobs to Chicago; and poor people can get an opportunity to get good wages and benefits like we had in the ’50s and ’60s. We need to go back to manufacturing things, making things and creating goods, instead of sending these positions overseas.”

Diane Burton
“What the next mayor needs to address is jobs. We need to have more jobs and housing, and they need to take care of these homeless people out here, so they won’t be sleeping out here on the ground. Many homeless people are also ex-veterans who have fought for this country. Today, (Nov. 11.) is Veteran Day. We should not have any veterans homeless.”