Hattie Warren
“I say no because the heckling will start every time you go to a show. Everybody will think if they heckle somebody they can get some money out of them, so that is the only reason I say no. If you stop going to his performance you will hurt him more than just having him handing out money religiously because they were heckled. Just don’t go to his show.”

Yvette Young
“I don’t feel they should be compensated because the world has become just a big business place to find an opportunity to make money. We run for it and it is not necessary. Should he be reprimanded? Yes he should be reprimanded, but to be financially-compensated, I don’t think it is necessary at this point and time. They’ve already made the news. They’ve had their moment of fame, and I’m not ever saying he was right for doing what he did, but financially responsible – no he’s not.”

Natalie Dorenzo
“To be honest, I don’t think they should be compensated, but I think with the derogatory statement that was made, I think that he should go about a different way in apologizing. I think that everybody makes mistakes. I think he acknowledged the mistake he did make. I think yes, he could donate to a college fund- I mean, compensation as far as being able to help African Americans on a different level. Again, I think that he is very apologetic for what he said, but he should go in a different way of doing it. Actually he should expose himself to African American community or our culture to apologize.”

Linda Smith
“By donating to United Negro College Fund, it would help him embrace diversity, understand cultural differences and the inappositeness of the comments that he made. So I would like to suggest that he make a contribution and send some of our children, who are underprivileged and don’t have the opportunity, to school so that they can enhance their education and the world as well.”

Vicki Taylor
“I think that it was an insulting thing to say to anyone. When the comedian was talking and they were heckling him, if they didn’t like what he was saying they had a right to say something. But when the comedian started talking and using the ‘N’ word he was way out of focus – talking about being hung, he really went way above beyond and he should be reprimanded. Yes, I think the young men should get monetary funds for that.”

Donald E. Thomas
“In my opinion, he probably should be made to make a huge donation to the United Negro College Fund. You know why? Because my son just got a scholarship from there and he needs some more money.”

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