When Austin area truck driver Joe Jackson went downtown to the law offices of Wood, Phillips, Katz, Clark & Mortimer on Dec. 8, and allegedly killed attorneys Michael McKenna and Allen Hoover and retired teacher Paul Goodson, and also shooting paralegal Ruth Zak in the foot, his family and pastor could not believe it.

In a phone interview from out of town, Bishop C.L. Sparks, pastor of New Pleasant Valley International Cathedral (5443 W. Huron) told Austin Weekly News that more information will be forthcoming about this tragedy. Bishop Sparks plans on holding a press conference Monday, Dec. 18.

According to Bishop Sparks, this situation began in 2001, when Jackson first contacted attorney McKenna in 2002. Although news reports first indicated there was no relationship between Jackson and McKenna, Sparks says he can prove with written documents that there was a relationship and at some point Jackson became very upset with the attorney and attempted to sue. Unable to get a lawyer to take his case, Sparks states that Jackson felt that lawyers would not take the case because of professional loyalty.

According to Bishop Sparks, Jackson invented a disposable toilet, inspired by Jackson’s experience as a truck driver. “I have seen the drawing of the toilet, and his idea would allow truck drivers to use the facility without having to stop,” Sparks said. “Every time a truck driver stops, it costs him money and slows down traveling time. I even went with Jackson to the attorney’s office, and at that time [the attorney] told Jackson it appeared no one held a patent for the invention. Jackson also believed in documenting everything, so he was convinced that he was being done wrong.

“Of course I do not believe he should have taken matters into his own hands and neither does his family. Jackson was a very significant member of my church, and right now we are all devastated by this entire incident.”

Recent news reports have indicated that another inventor has a device similar to Jackson’s. According to Bishop Sparks, Jackson told him about one month ago that he had finally gotten an attorney to take his case against the patent attorney he felt mistreated him.

It has been reported that the Illinois Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Commission has no records indicating Jackson’s complaint against McKenna.

Funeral services for Joe Jackson will be held Saturday, Dec. 16, at New Pleasant Valley International Cathedral, 5443 W. Huron, 10-11 a.m. wake. The funeral is scheduled for 11 a.m.